Innovative Solution reduces aeration costs in MBR systems by up to 50+ %

DFD-setup in MBR aeration distribution pipe

It is widely known in process industry, that instationary flow regimes improve process efficiency in many cases. However, inertia and wear of current flow control devices such as valves, flaps or speed drive pumps have been a bottleneck for decades.



The proprietary DFD technology (Dynamic Flow Device) overcomes this problem and improves process efficiency e.g. in MBR aeration by converting a stationary air flow regime from the air supply system into a pulsed flow regime for aeration. An internal rotating throttle, operated by the air flow itself, distributes the air sequentially to a set of aerators located below the submerged membranes.


Benefits / USPs:



  • up to 50+ % energy savings
  • reduced CAPEX (no valves, less piping)
  • reduced maintenance costs



  • applicable to all membrane suppliers
  • Plug & Pulse installation
  • no PCS integration required
  • easy upgrade even into existing systems
  • reliable and low maintenance
  • high process and design flexibility
  • patented design


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